Race & Media Conference 2016


10:00am Welcome and Coffee

10:15-12:00pm Democracy and The Digital

Myra Washington University of New Mexico “Digital Natives and Digital Inequalities”
Sava Sahelli New York University “The Fallacy of a Democratic Open Web: Inequity and Race in Academic Twitter”
Isra Ali New York University “Muslim Twitter”
Lori Lopez University of Madison, WI “Understanding the Impact of Digital Anti-racism”
Respondent: Helga Tawil-Souri, New York University

12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm-2:45pm Race, Media, and Varied Embodiments

Kelli Moore New York University “Getting a Fix on Fixation: Eye Tracking Phenomena in the Social Sciences and Science of Jurisprudence”
Khadija Costley White Rutgers University “The Baltimore Police Uprisings”
David Clinton Wills New York University “Embodiment, Ethics, and (Street) Art in Tel Aviv, Israel”
André Brock University of Michigan, Microsoft Research “An Algorithmic Hail: Racism and Black Digital Practice.”
Respondent: Aisha Durham, University of South Florida

3:00pm-4:30pm Forms of Labor

Anjali Vats Boston College “Princely (Intellectual) Properties”
Lily Chumley New York University “Racialized Alienation and the Volksgeist of the Handmade”
Peter Campbell University of Pittsburgh “Labor Rhetorics”
Respondent: Shilpa Dave, University of Virginia

5pm-6:30pm Keynote Address with Kent Ono

Representation Today, Tomorrow, and Forever?: The Vexed Ontology of an Iconic Media Concept
Introduction by Radha Hegde, New York University
8th Flr, 239 Greene St. New York University


9:30am -11:15am Representations and Media Landscapes

Jillian Baez College of Staten Island, City University of New York “Consuming Latinas: Latina Audiences and Citizenship”
Nazita Lajevardi University of California, San Diego “Muslim-American Portrayals in the Media and Effects on Mass Attitudes”
Douglas Ishii Northwestern University “All About Freedom, Opportunity: The “Modern Family Effect” and the Privatization of Diversity”
Kaia Shivers New York University Respondent: Ralina Joseph, University of Washington

11:25am – 1:10pm Structure, Industry, Empire

Safiya Umoja Noble University of California, Los Angeles “Political Economy of Black Death”
Arun Kundnani Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture “Anti-Muslim Racism as Ideology of Empire”
Robert Mejia North Dakota State University “Remaking Racism: Videogames, Nostalgia, and Remake Culture”
Aymar Jean Christian Northwestern University “Localizing Representation and the Value of Queer Exhibition”
Respondent: Paula Chakravartty, New York University

1:15-2:45pm A Conversation About Race and Media, and Lunch

Arlene Davila New York University
Charlton McIlwain New York University
Roopali Mukherjee Queens College, City University of New York
Minh-Ha T. Pham Pratt University